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Sugababes 'Expected' High Chart Position

Speaking exclusively to worldpop, new girl group Sugababes have revealed they are not surprised by the success of their debut single, Overload.

Overload stormed in at Number Six on this Sunday's official chart despite minimal promotion by the band. But the three-piece claim they were expecting the single to do that
well. 'I know that this song is really cool and it's really catchy as well,' Keisha told worldpop. 'I wouldn't say I was expecting us to be big or whatever but I wasn't expecting
not to do well.'

'We're still shocked though,' added Siobhan, 'there were so many great songs out last week and obviously we hasn't heard what the public thought of our single before it
went into the chart.'

Sugababes' interview with worldpop is just the second of their career so far. 'I think the record company have made a conscious decision to not do too much promotion,'
Siobhan explained. 'They want the music to do the talking.'

For the official story of how the girls got together and the lowdown on their song-writing techniques, see the full Sugababes interview here on worldpop.

Overload is out now.

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