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Exclusive Sugababes Gig

Hyped new girl band Sugababes held an exclusive industry showcase this lunchtime at legendary London venue Ronnie Scott's, and worldpop was on the guest list.

Despite minimal promotion, the Sugababes shot to No 6 in September with their debut single Overload and their Christmas offering, New Year, is set to do even better if the
applause at the showcase is anything to go by.

The show commenced with a slick performance of Overload, followed by one of the single's B-sides, because unlike most of their contemporaries, the Sugababes believe in
B-sides rather than remixes. Singing live and backed by a full band, the girls debuted several album tracks in a performance more carefully choreographed than any Steps
routine, with not one hand or foot out of place. For New Year, Keisha, Siobhan and Mutya drafted in three moody-looking males to stand behind them as they sang, but the
highlight was the finale, an extended version of album track Soul Sound which had the girls taking their bows as they continued to sing.

In keeping with their cool image, the Sugababes barely spoke during the performance. Each of the three introduced herself, but apart from imploring us to have a good
evening (at 2pm!) the trio saved their voices for the songs.

If you want to find out more about the Sugababes, check out worldpop's video interview, filmed just before the release of Overload. And log on to our cd:uk page this
Saturday for another exclusive chat with the most wanted girls in pop.

Sugababes second single New Year is out on 18 December. Their debut album One Touch is out now.

© 2001 SugababesOnline