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My Favourite Thing
Voxstar caught up with the `Babes at the check-in desk at Heathrow to talk Sisqo, Scary Movie and shopping.

Kiesha: I love Sisqo, he's an amazing performer and he looks real fine as well. He's got everything, the hair, the voice, the energy. I have all the Dru Hill albums, but he has
as much energy as the rest of the band put together. He can liven up any crowd all by himself, he blows up the spot everytime.
Mutya: He's so good looking, so lively and I'd love to do a duet.
Siobhan: I'm not really a fan of Sisqo. But music is all I've ever enjoyed, all I've ever loved. It's so good that we are able to express ourselves through music. My influences
growing up were Madonna, Whitney through to the stuff my mum and dad liked. Beatles, Who, Kinks, Rolling Stones.

Siobhan: I love a bit of retail therapy. I like little vintage shops like Apple Tree in Covent Garden, but they can be a bit hit and miss. Label-wise I really like Helmut Lang and
our stylists always try to mix and match high street with designers which is cool. There's a young designer called Sophie Ann Back who made the jeans I wore on Top of the
Pops, I really like her stuff and I think she's making more things for me.

Scary Movie
Mutya: I love comedy horror movies where you just don't know what's going to happen but you get to laugh at the same time. Eminem was on the soundtrack and I love him
too. A lot of people complain about his lyrics but I love them, he's so different.
Kiesha: I like renting videos, having a quiet night in and listening to Sisqo's album.

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