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Babes N The Hood
In one of their first ever interviews, 16-year-old starlets Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan aka Sugababes, reveal to their shared passions for songwriting and a
certain thong-lovin' US heart throb.
'We write about things other people can relate to as well. Overload is about when life gets a bit mad and everything gets on top of you' Siobhan.

Young guns
Mutya: We first got together because me and Keisha went to the same primary school. We met Siobhan at a party through friends.
Siobhan: They realised I could sing because we're all music lovers. It was natural to form a band.

Ceri Hughes from North Wales asks...
How did you get the name Sugababes?
Siobhan: We thought of it two and a half years ago so we were still really young. We thought it was cute but even though we're older now we still love it.

Waxing lyrical
Becky from Dublin asks...
How long does it take you to write your songs?
Keisha: We just sit down and get an idea of what we want to talk about.
Siobhan: And then we get a hook line and work round it. We all contribute. It sometimes, takes about half an hour, sometimes longer but we're normally quite quick.
Keisha: I just write from experiences. People say that because we're only 16, we don't have any life experience, but we do.
Siobhan: We write about things other people can relate to as well. Overload is about when life gets a bit mad and everything gets on top of you.

worldpop: Are you nervous about performing the single?
Keisha: No, we thought we would be actually.
Siobhan: I get stage fright though. But when we went on CDUK to perform live we were preparing to do the performance and all of a sudden we just weren't nervous any

Staying out of the in-crowd
worldpop: Have you been to many pop star parties?
Keisha: No.
Siobhan: Our management have tried to keep us away from all that.

worldpop: Have you met many pop stars then?
Keisha: Lots! Richard Blackwood, Damage, Victoria Beckham, Baby Spice.
Mutya: Mica Paris.
Keisha: Mark Morrison.
Mutya: Neneh Cherry.
Siobhan: They were all really nice, very different to how you'd think they'd be.
Keisha: Victoria Beckham was lovely, just a really nice girl.

worldpop: Who would you love to meet?
Keisha: It has to be Sisqo. Because he's so talented. He's good-looking but he's talented as well. A really talented guy.
Siobhan: I think All Saints are great because they have a really wide audience. It's kind of what we're trying to do, not go for one specific market, but get a wide audience.

Just for the love of it
worldpop: What's more important to you, fame or singing?
Together: Singing definitely.
Keisha: Cos you can be a crap singer and a famous person and that's not cool because you won't get that much credit for it. If you've got the voice and not the fame you
still get credit.
Siobhan: We enjoy singing more than we enjoy performing. Not that we don't enjoy performing but we wouldn't enjoy just the fame. At the end of the day, it's the singing we
really love.

worldpop: Are you looking forward to fame?
Siobhan: We've already been recognised. It's really nice now but if we ever got mobbed or something it would be a different story!

Tipped for the top
worldpop: How do you feel about all the good press you've been getting? Keisha: We're really excited about it. But we just see ourselves as Siobhan, Mutya and Keisha. It's going to take time to sink in.

You've been getting a lot of good press from the music critics ...
Siobhan: That's great because we want to be a credible band, we want to be known as good singers.

Leeann Hamilton from Glasgow asks...
How does it feel to have your first single debut in the Top 10 and did you expect it?
Siobhan: There's so many great songs around and obviously we hadn't heard what the public thought about the song so it was a surprise.
Keisha: But I did expect it because I know this song is really cool. And it's really catchy as well. I mean, I wouldn't say I was expecting us to be big or whatever but I wasn't
expecting not to do well.

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