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TOTP interviews Keisha
The SUGABABES have been so busy getting their latest single out that they've barely had time to buy their Christmas presents! We grabbed hold of KEISHA as she dashed
out of the Pops to do some last-minute shopping and asked her a stack of your questions! Here's what she had to say:

Q. I'm 12. How does it feel to be famous at such a young age? - Sarah Day We«ve all been in the group since we were 13, so we«ve had 3 years to get used to it. It«s been like a gradual progression. It doesn«t really give you this feeling of
excitement or "Oh my gosh! I can«t believe it!" 'Cause we«ve had so long to get used to it. But we«re still really grateful, and we would never take it for granted. We take our
jobs really seriously, but we also know the fun of it. We don«t think that we really miss out on anything because we start early in the morning, finish early and then we go out
with our friends afterwards.

Q. If you were all in the Big Brother house, which one of you would have been voted out first? - Holly Roper
Me! I would probably be voted out first! I«m the 'Mel« of the band! I«m really flirtatious but I«m also caring and I«m bubbly and I«m really loud! I speak my mind and I«m really
independent and bossy. I think it would be me!

Q. If you had to kiss someone under the mistletoe who would it be? - Jaspreet Sisqo!

Q. Your love lives aren«t talked about in the media as much as other popstars. Why do you think this is? - Jane
Because all three of us are really boring in least our love lives are, anyway! Two of us have boyfriends at the moment and one of us doesn«t. That«s all I«m

Q. What did it feel like when your first single, 'Overload', became a hit? - Luke Williams
Really excited! We were really confident about the track. We recorded it all in one take on a live mike. We didn«t know at the time that it was going to be the first single.
When we got the demo through of it, we just gave it to all of our friends to listen to and they were really feeling it and we knew that they would tell us if they didn«t like it!
Besides, we«ve got good taste, we hope, so we were really confident!

Q. I think that 'New Year' is really good. What song are you planning to release as your next single and when is it released? - Kelly S
The next single is 'Run for cover' - track 12 on the CD. It«s not been confirmed yet, but I think it will be out some time in March.

Q. What type of music do you like to listen to? - Mo
Mostly garage, R&B and Gospel. My favourite male R&B artist is Sisqo and female is Whitney Houston. Favourite rap artist is Eminem.

Q. Who is the best singer in the group? - Agnessa
Oh my gosh! Well, we«re all really different and our voices are quite different. Mutya is more Christina Aguillera, Siobhan«s more Mariah and I«m more Brandy! They«re all
great artists, so it just comes into one, really.

Q. What do you want for Christmas? - Cheryl Robertson
Oh my goodness me! I don«t really know. This year, I didn«t really ask for that much. I think my mum«s going to take me clothes shopping - yeah, clothes!

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