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Sugababes Dissect "One Touch"
In the latest part of our Sugababes exclusive we asked Keisha, Siobhan, and Mutya to give dotmusic users the ultimate guide to their debut album, 'One Touch'.

Below dotmusic reveals the inside story on each track as told by the Sugababes themselves.

"It's about life getting really hectic either work overloaded, party overloaded, stress overloaded. It's basically about things getting too much to handle. This song was written
for everybody and isn't autobiographical like some of the other songs on the album."

'One Foot In'
"The second track is about Siobhan being committed to a guy and she was really into him and he wasn't as interested. The 'one foot in' part is that some nights he was
interested and some he ignored he. He blew hot and cold."

'Same Old Story'
"It's basically about a boy who didn't change his ways after promising time and time again that he would."

'Just Let It Go'
"This is about Keisha and Siobhan telling Mutya to let this guy go because he's not good for her. She explains he means so much to her and they reply by letting her know
there is better things to come."

'Look At Me'
"It's about us trying to explain to our parents that we are growing up and need some space to learn by our own mistakes and not theirs."

'Soul Sound'
" 'Soul Sound' is about falling in love and understanding the overwhelming exciting feeling when you are almost sick when you see their name flash up on your mobile."

'One Touch'
"Love at first sight simple as that "

'Lush Life'
"This one's about wanting a lush life, wanting to go to parties and live the high life. It's about also about thinking it wouldn't get in the way of our careers. I guess it's about
wanting to grow up much quicker than we actually could."

'Real Thing'
"This song is about Keisha going out with a guy and deciding whether it was the 'real thing' as in love or is it something that is going to end as fast as started."

'New Year'
"Our second single is about remembering someone special around Christmas."

"This is about someone, not necessarily a guy, who breaks our promises. Breaking these promises come back to haunt them and they lose you as a friend."

'Run For Cover'
"The last track on the album deals with when we're feeling lonely and cutting ourselves off from everyone especially when you're feeling misunderstood by the whole wide
world. Everybody's felt that way"

© 2001 SugababesOnline