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Sugababes...Sweet or Sour?
Sugababes are a rare feat in today's saturated pop climate.

A brand new act breaks into the Top 10 without the aid of blanket press coverage, bottomless marketing budgets and media overkill.

Some would describe these tactics as risky, others foolish and some cunning. The band's infectious debut single 'Overload' went straight in at No.6 on Sunday, thanks to
strong radio support backed-up with minimal press and promotion.

What were the motives behind this plan? Was it to protect these teenagers from over exposure or a sophisticated method of generating hype?

Whatever the case, London Records trio Sugababes haven't played the game and have, at this stage, seemingly pulled it off. The quality of the song won the day.

Having championed 'Overload' from the off, dotmusic was granted an exclusive chance to quiz the girls.

Make your own minds up on the Sugababes!

How long has the group been together, how did you meet and where are you from?

Mutya: "We've been together for over two years now. Keisha and I have known each other since we were eight because we went to primary school together. We met
Siobhan at a party when we were thirteen. Siobhan then met our manager Ron Tom through her cousin. He then put us in the studio and we did some demos, which he
took to different record companies and we were signed by London Records.

Keisha: "We were all born in London but my grandparents are Jamaican. Mutya's father is Philippino and her mother is Irish and Siobhan's parents are Irish.

Where did the song 'Overload' come from?

Siobhan: "The song 'Overload' is literally about overloading. At times everyone has too much going on in their lives and their heads and that is what the track is about."

We think 'Overload' is the best pop single of the year so far. What are your favourite singles of 2000?

Keisha: Sisqo 'Thong Song', Aaliyah 'Try Again', Q-Tip 'Vivrant Thing'.

Mutya: Lucy Pearl 'Dance Tonight', Eminem 'The Real Slim Shady', Pink 'Most Girls'.

Siobhan: Madonna 'Music', Bon Jovi 'Say It Isn't So', Craig David 'Walking Away', it's coming out soon.

How old are you?

Mutya - 15
Siobhan - 16
Keisha - 15

You seem to have a very different attitude to presentation, performance, promotion etc than most new pop acts. Why is this?

Mutya: "Our attitude is different to everyone else because we are so different to everyone else. We do our own thing completely. We are individuals."

If you'd been in the house, which Big Brother contestants would have been the first to get your eviction vote and why?

Keisha : Sada, because she is a plain Jane.
Mutya : Nick, because he is two-faced.
Siobhan : Darren, because he changed his vote.

When can we hear more Sugababes? We can't wait!

Keisha: 'Our album is ready and on it's way. We can't wait either!

© 2001 SugababesOnline